Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Quick and Simple Birthday Card

Here is a quick and simple card I made for a friends birthday. The background paper I got from the dollar tree. They have some really cute stuff.

I got woken up by my two year old this morning at 6. So as I was trying to get ready for work he was trying to put my makeup in the toilet and use my toothbrush on his hair. He is something else. He makes me pull my hair at sometimes but then it is so hard to get to mad at him because he is so darn cute.

I listen to a radio talk show on

I love it. The two hosts are great and have awesome guests on each week.

Have a great day



Curt in Carmel said...

Hey Erin! Nice job on this card! The colors you picked are wonderful! Best, Curt

Brandy and Dave said...

Erin, it looks like you are relatively new to blog land -- welcome. Thanks for leaving a comment on the old bloggy blog and I will definitely be stopping in later to check out what new posts you have in the works! ~Brandy

Ryemilan said...

Hi Erin,

This card is beautiful! Especially love that ribbon.

I laughed at your story about Carson and the toilet. My 2 year old has also recently found out how much fun it is to deposit things in the much fun fishing them back out again...NOT!

All the best,